Building the future today.

faster building times, lower costs, versatile design solutions and a durable, practical solution to premium buildings.

Building the future today .

Our focus on our business partners (clients) makes us treat their diversity with ultimate regard through delivering personalised tailor-made solutions that meet their needs at our benefit.

Building the future today.

Our fast paced yet diverse and highly qualified team at Impoqo provides comprehensive end-to-end project solutions.

Who we are

Impoqo Trading is a 100% Black owned Civil Engineering company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was established in 2007 as a plant hiring company but eventually diversified into construction and infrastructure development and related IT services such as Advanced Building Technologies (ABT) system that utilises FRAMECAD’s advanced end-to-end steel frame design and manufacturing systems. This means that Impoqo Trading as a Group runs and controls three independent divisions namely; Impoqo Construction, Impoqo Trading Advanced Building Technologies (ABT) and Impoqo Plant Hire.

Who we are

ABT provides alternative methods to construction and solves traditional methods of construction by keeping up with the international demand for better, more efficient and affordable buildings. Our product assists project owners, developers or builders to turn opportunities into commercial reality, faster than ever before – at the same time delivering better quality buildings that meet the demands of modern communities. ABT is therefore showing how the need for rapid construction of quality buildings is defining the future of construction. Cold Formed Steel done by Impoqo’s ADVANCED BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES is a superior construction method for the future.

What We Do .


The design and specification stage eliminates potential time costs from the very beginning of the planning stage as this system uses specialised detailing and engineering software that makes the process of engineering, design and detailing faster, simpler and highly accurate and eventually reducing engineering costs.


The Manufacturing stage is quickened by the Cold Formed Steel (CFS) from our FRAMECAD System. This CFS design-led process allows for fast production of all needed joists, frames, and trusses with minimized waste. Roll-forming produces frames and other components precisely and faster with consistent quality.


The Construction stage is accelerated by full readiness and predictable scheduling that enables a quicker date of completion. CFS frames are lightweight and eliminate the need for heavy lifting equipment during the erection phase. The FRAMECAD System doesn’t require any welding or riveting in assembly and therefore components can be assembled offsite before they arrive on the construction site, and so trusses and joists can arrive ready for use.

The only way to do great work, is to love what you do.